Staples for every wholesome kitchen!

There are certain products that I use in my kitchen that I cannot live without. I will show you the staples I buy for my weekly food prep . I hope you find this helpful as you transition into healthier eating or explore better options for you and your family. 

The bulk of my weekly grocery shopping consists of a variety of  vegetables , fruits and grass-fed and pastured meats. The other things below are added products to make wholesome delicious meals! 


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Kitchen Staples ♥

Organic Maple Syrup This is an amazing alternative to processed sugar. Maple syrup and Honey are excellent replacements for processed sugar when baking or whenever you need a little sweet added to your delicious baked goods or hot beverages. 

Raw Honey–  Organic, Raw and local is best for honey. 

Grass-fed Butter– This butter is one of our favorites. The flavor is amazing and it’s a great source of healthy fats, fatty acids, and fat soluble vitamins. You can use butter to cook just about anything. 

Grass fed ghee–  Grass-fed ghee is everything wonderful butter is but without the milk protein  that most people are sensitive to. I use this on my veggies, eggs, and just about anything I bake or fry with. The possibilities are endless. 

Organic coconut oil–  Coconut oil is an amazing fat to cook with. It can be used at high heat and used on anything. Be sure to get expeller pressed because it has a neutral flavor if you aren’t a fan of the coconut taste. 

Apple cider Vinegar – This is excellent to make bone broths, add to soups and dressings or take daily for your gut health. 

Celtic Sea Salt– Oh how I love thee! This sea salt is loaded with minerals and an excellent salt to have in your kitchen! 

Primal Kitchen Mayo – I use this in replacement of regular mayo. It’s awesome in Chicken salad, great in dressings and on sandwiches( we use it on cassava wraps).

Primal Kitchen dressings – These dressings are a life saver! They are made with apple cider viniegar and avocado oil. Almost every packaged dressing out there contains highly refined industrial seed oils and other additives that are harmful for your health. These dressings not only taste wonderful they are excellent for you! I love every flavor and the RANCH is really goodl! 

Chicken Bone Broth – When I don’t have homemade bone broth in stock this is an excellent source to drink daily or to cook with. Bone broth is loaded with collagen and gelatin along with a ton of essential amino acids for our health. It should be an essential drink we all take in on a daily basis. 

Coconut Aminos – I’m going to go on a limb here and say that this is an absolute must in every kitchen!!!!!! This is the best marinade for any meat, the best base for any stir fry ,  and an excellent replacement for soy sauce. I could drink this stuff out of the bottle! 

Avocado Oil – What an amazing oil to cook with! Avocado oil is excellent because you can cook with it on high heat, not to mention it is an excellent plant based fat! 

Organic Olive oil– I love using olive oil on my salads or any cold salad! It’s an excellent source of good fats and great on salads or used on low to low/med heat.. never cook olive oil on high heat because it turns rancid. 

Healthy Fat Lard– Lard is an awesome fat to cook with loaded with important fat soluble vitamins and fatty acids. I like to fry sweet potatoes or regular fries in lard and use this to brown some of my meat. 

Primal Palate spices–  These spices are fantastic! They are delicious and I have not tried one that is not delicious!! It takes a lot the guess work our of spicing things if you aren’t the best at being creative with meals. 

Coconut milk –  This is the one brand of coconut milk I will make my lattes with or add to dressings or other creamy dishes. It’s certified organic and is one of the better milks I have found. It’s always best to make your own milks but I do enjoy a life outside of my kitchen  😉 

 ♥Flours and baking goods♥

Cassava Flour –  This is the best flour ever! You can make the best tortilla wraps, baked goods and breads. There are so many options for this grain free flour. It’s made of yuca root and is an excellent source of carbohydrates.

Organic Stevia – I love using stevia in my coffee and is an excellent thing to bake with.

Organic Cashews – I boil water and then soak cashews for 1 hour. I then put cashews in blender and add sautéed garlic and onions in ghee. Blend and add salt, pepper and thyme .. makes a divine cream sauce for any dish!!! You may add any spices you like. I got this idea from Danielle Walker. She is one of my favorite paleo chefs. 

Organic Coconut flour– This should be a staple in every Paleo whole foods kitchen. It’s found in so many recipes for baked goods and other healthy wholesome snacks. 

Arrowroot flour–  This is one of my favorite flours to thicken soups with, make gravy or make delicious homemade pizza crust. It’s the secret ingredient to a perfect paleo crust! 

Almond flour– I bake a lot with almond flour. It’s a staple if you are trying to go grain free. 

Paleo Pancake and waffle mix – This mix is a life saver! So delicious and guilt free!!!! My kids are big fans and it’s perfect when I need something quick. 


Hope you found this helpful! Happy to be on this journey of health with you! 

Dr Krystal Hohn xo