How to fight Ear Infections Naturally!

Being in the health and wellness field I am constantly reminded of how much functional medicine, whole food nutrition, and natural alternatives to conventional drugs is needed. One thing that I see in my practice often is ear infections.

I am going to show you how to beat ear infections naturally without the use of drugs or antibiotics.

First lets talk about why ear infections happen and what can cause an ear infection.

The fluid in middle ear is supposed to drain into the throat through the Eustachian tube. If the Eustachian tube gets clogged, pinched or irritated it can’t do that so fluid sits in the middle ear and can cause an infection. The Eustachian tube is controlled by the top 4 nerves in the neck. When there is pressure being placed on any of these nerves it can cause the Eustachian tube to spasm, the same way a muscle would spasm if you had sciatica. The spasm doesn’t allow fluid to drain and therefore can sit in the middle ear.  It’s so important to get your nervous system checked to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Step one in helping ear infections naturally:

Chiropractic care- Having a chiropractor check the vertebrae in your neck will often help the root cause of an earache or infection as explained above. Chiropractic adjustments also help keep your immune system strong in helping fight any sickness or disease.

Eliminate processed grains,  dairy and sugar intake. These processed foods will make inflammation worse and cause the symptoms and pain to increase. Children who get chronic ear infections are always eating a diet high in processed dairy, sugar, and grains. Just by eliminating these things you will notice a huge difference and change in you and your child’s health.

Increase probiotics and cod liver oil. Probiotics are important for your gut. Your gut is like your second brain. It’s important to help replenish your gut with good bacteria so your body can help fight sickness even better. Cod liver oil is loaded with essential fat soluble vitamins  including vitamin D and A that are important for a healthy immune system.

Essential oils- I use young living essential oils. Lavender, purification and thieves are my go to oils for ear infections. I simply make a roller with this mixture and apply to the outside of the ear. 15 drops of each oil and then fill the rest of the roller with fractionated coconut oil..  Here is more info on where to get started with oils here.

Mullen Garlic oil by Herbpharm – Ages 1-10 use one drop. Over 10 years use two drops. Use up to two to three time per day. Slightly warm the oil before applying. This is natures best antibiotic.

Placing  heat on the infected ear will give lots of relief. I really like this heating sac.

Hylands earache drops – children 2 years and up: tilt head sideways and apply 3-4 drops into involved ear up to four times per day. Keep infected ear upward so drops can stay in ear. Use a cotton ball to help keep drops in. These drops are very helpful when it comes to pain.

Colloidal silver– place two drops in ear every four hours not exceeding two times per day. This helps in fighting infection and pain.

I hope these tips help your family in fighting ear infections naturally.

Dr. Krystal xo