Please time slow down…

Today Savannah and Declan wanted to watch old videos. So we curled up on the living room floor all snuggled up and watched ALL of them. Boy was that HARD! I dare every parent to sit and watch all of the videos of their children and not get emotional. It kills me to think that my…

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Declan Thomas Homebirth

My sweet Declan boy, God has brought me so much joy through you. You have taught me so much, and I am enjoying you grow up into a beautiful, sweet, amazing little boy. I found out I was pregnant with Declan on Thanksgiving weekend. We were so excited and thrilled to give Savannah a little sibling….

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Savannah Grace Homebirth

I sat in the bathroom anticipating the positive test result. I knew I felt different. As my husband and family sat patiently outside the door, we soon found out we were expecting our first baby! We were so excited and preparing mentally for the gift that was given to us. We decided we wanted to have…

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