Homemade Baby food!

When I had kids I started making homemade baby food because not only is it more nutritious and fresh, it’s super easy and easy on the budget! Anyone on any budget can make their own baby food. I’m excited to show you just how easy it is!! Being that both of my kids are out of the pureed stage of baby food, my girlfriend came over for the weekend, and we stocked her up for a couple weeks. 

All you need is:

1. Large Steamer– Most of these come in pot sets, but here is one similar to what I use.

2. Stainless steel muffin holder or ice cube trays. I like these.

3. High powered blender. I use the vitamix. I also like the blendtec. You can try this also with a food processor. Other blenders may not be strong enough, but it’s worth a shot if you aren’t comfortable investing in an advanced blender. I make everything in my blender so it’s worth the money if you are on the fence:)

4. Fruits and Veggies

5. Grass Fed Ghee – This is a dairy free alternative to butter. It’s an excellent way to get fat soluble vitamins and good fats without large amounts of casein(Protein found in dairy). If you know your child isn’t dairy sensitive, pastured butter is also fine to use. 

6. Celtic Sea Salt

7. Gallon Freezer Zip lock bags

This weekend I made Apples, Pears, Carrots, Zucchini and  yellow Squash. 

~ 8-10 apples

~8-10 pears

~ Large bag of long carrots

~4 zucchini 

~4 yellow squash

1. Wash and cut up the veggies/fruits in large chunks(no need to cut up fine because you are just steaming and throwing them in a blender) Choose whatever you are cooking firs, and place in steamer. Steam the veggies or fruit until you can stick a fork within, but not mushy. You don’t want to steam too much because you will deplete the nutrients in the food.

2. Once you can stick a fork through veggie or fruit, place in vitamix/blender and add a little water. Puree on high until liquid .. add enough water until it is completely smooth and thick like soup. Depending on what age your baby is, you may also leave chunks of food within by not blending all of the way. As our babies get older we all know they like texture and new things. 🙂

3. Take muffin trays and pour puree within. Place tray in freezer. Once frozen, take tray out and let sit for 5-7 minutes. Take knife and gently carve out frozen food.. they will pop out simple and easy. Place each frozen section of food in a zip lock freezer bag. Label and place in freezer. The food is good for six months. ( Place all of the same frozen sections of food together in the same zip lock bag)

4. When you are ready to heat up a frozen section of food, simply take one out of the zip lock bag. Place in pan on stove.. add about a tsp of water and 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of grass-fed ghee or pastured butter( for good healthy fats) 

5. Sprinkle on a dash of Celtic Sea Salt and your baby will be in heaven! (Healthy Salt such as Celtic Sea salt is actually good and important for our health)

6. Cheers to feeding our kids nutritious healthy food from scratch! So simple, so easy, and so nutritious!