Fajita Pizza

This is a simple quick treat that every family will love. Not only is it fast to prepare, it’s one of those dishes you can make ahead of time. You can do so much with a fajita pizza, but I used what ingredients I had, and just threw some things together. 

7 small boneless skinless chicken tenders

4 green onions

1 large collard green leaf (take stem off, and cut in tiny pieces)

1 large yellow pepper diced fine

1 heaping spoonful of coconut oil

1.Saute all ingredients in a pan until thoroughly cooked. Add two tbsp of my pre-made taco seasoning. (See older posts)

I usually make a paleo crust that I will post soon,  but I was in a pinch so i used this brand.

It’s GMO free and on days when I’m not superwoman it’s nice to just throw this in the oven. (Again this is a treat, not something I make all the time)

2. Once you have followed the directions to whatever pizza crust you have, place pizza sauce on top of crust. Shred raw cheese over pizza sauce,(or leave out if you don’t want dairy) and add Sautéed chicken and veggies. 

3. Follow directions to your specific crust. I baked mine @ 400 for 10-15 minutes until crust was golden and crunchy. 

4. Top with Salsa and Avocado! YUM

ps. The picture is before I baked the Pizza.. just FYI:)

Enjoy! xo