Delicious Paleo snacks! Kid friendly!


How many people can feel me on this one? Healthy Snacks are probably one of the hardest things to find if you are trying to eat clean and fill your body with whole foods. We are all human and want to enjoy the taste of food and have easy fast snacks.  Here are some of my familes favorite go to snacks that are delicious! 

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Primal Kitchen Bars with added Collagen. These bars are amazing! They are filled with protein (15 grams) and grass-fed collagen. They have tons of different options and are one of the only “bars” out there low in sugar and processed crap. My son Declan loves these and you can find them on Thrive Market. The Cashew Bar is one of our faves. We are a big fan of Primal Kitchen products! 

Cassava ChipsThese chips are dynamite if you are a crunch lover and love potato chips. These are a life saver for me and my kids and are a great replacement for other chips that have processed industrial seed oils not to mention potatoes are very high in pesticides (if you aren’t buying organic). 

Simple Mills CrackersThese are so great as snacks with raw cheese, lunch with chicken salad or a go to with the kids if they want a crunch. You can find these on Thrive Market or Amazon and they taste like wheat thins… no joke.. i wouldn’t lie .. i promise they are not cardboard! They are also PALEO friendly!!!! Great ingredients.. Simple Mills also has other quick baking goods that have excellent flavors and ingredients. My family is a big fan!

Organic MulberriesThese are a wonderful little fruit. They are a lot less sugar than raisins but the same consistency. These are also perfect to add in salads too! Loaded with antioxidants!

Dang toasted coconut chipsI just found these recently and I have to say they are delicious.  The only ingredients in them are toasted coconut and sea salt. They are also non GMO. They have another flavor that is amazing and sweetened with coconut sugar and we like that too. It’s great for a treat or to throw on salads as an added bonus. You may also find these on Thrive Market.

Sprouted Pumpkin SeedsThese little gems are easy for on the go. When you purchase nuts or seeds make sure to get sprouted or soak your own. They are easier to digest on the gut and the nutrients are more easily absorbed. We make snack bags with Mulberries or raisins. I also throw these on salads. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc! One thing that a lot of people tend to be deficient in. This particular brand is found on Thrive Market. 

These are just a few of the snacks we have on handy in my house right now. We also snack on fruit and smoothies. Hope you found this helpful! Stay tuned for more goodies! XO

Dr. Krystal