BBQ Chicken stuffed sweet potatoes

This recipe is great for those busy days! Who am I kidding, everyday is busy! 

Place 4 chx breasts in slow cooker. Let cook for 3/4 hours. Once done cooking, get out your handy dandy hand mixer and shred the chicken. This little trick is something I recently discovered that saves time and rocks my world! Click here to watch. You are welcome!!! :))))

Add BBQ sauce to shredded chicken.

Bake sweet potatoes @ 400 for about an hour until they caramelize. They should be soft throughout the entire potato.  Slice sweet potatoes down the middle mashing the insides. Once that is done, add the chicken and you are done! Serve with a salad or any other green veggies. Meals aren’t complete unless there is green on your plate! 😉  Enjoy! 

~4 boneless skinless chx breasts

~sweet potatoes ( I cooked 4)

~organic BBQ sauce or homemade sauce- Add as little or as much as you like.

~chopped green salad