5 things you can do to prepare for Fall and Winter

Can you believe it is September? This summer flew by and I feel it  just began! With school approaching for the kiddos, it’s important to get things in order health wise for the winter. I always stock up and get things ready so I am prepared for anything that comes my way. Here are my top 5 HEALTH essentials i can’t live without. :))))) 

Number 1~

Chiropractic– What most people don’t understand about chiropractic, is it’s not just for pain and ailments. Yes, chiropractic is great for helping all of that and it does, but the most important thing you can do for yourself and family is get adjusted. This allows your body to function at it’s optimum. Many families under chiropractic get sick less often and when they do get sick they get over illness much quicker ,and the symptoms are not as bad. This is number 1 on my list. Ask around and find a chiropractor in your area that is the right fit for you. Most chiropractors have cost effective family plans to make it easy and affordable. 

Number 2~

Limit processed grains, dairy and sugar in your diet. Yes, i know you have heard this a million times and you want to throw up in your mouth, but i hate to say it, it’s true. Sugar, processed dairy and excess grains decrease your immune system greatly. It’s important to fill your body with lots of natural veggies and fruits, good fats and proteins.  It is no secret why people get sick the most at the end of fall and throughout winter… Halloween starts… Thanksgiving… Christmas… we are filling our bodies with processed crap and this is why we get sick more often. How do you limit/change these things?

Step 1. Eliminate gluten and processed grains. If you choose to eat grains.. choose sprouted, soaked and gluten free non-GMO grains.. Make a healthier choice in your grain options and eat them in moderation.

Step 2. If you choose to eat Dairy.. choose dairy from the best source. Organic, pastured, grass-fed or raw is best. For example pastured butter, or raw cheese. These are just a few common examples. 

Step 3. Limit unnecessary sugar intake… Listen people, I love brownies and cookies like the best of them … oh and did i mention potato chips..( they are like my boyfriend)… HA!  It’s true.. you need to limit these things to keep your immune system strong. Replace your sugar with natural sweeteners in moderation. For example, use stevia, maple syrup or honey as your sweetener. These are natural whole sources from the earth that nourish our bodies. Choose wisely:) 

Number 3~

Take proper vitamins. This day in age it’s important to take proper supplementation. Our food sources and environment are not the same as it was. Everyone should be taking a probiotic, fish oil, vit D and C daily. Some of my favorite supplements are under my .. Favorite Things.  It’s important to look at supplements as health insurance. It’s an important investment in your health. 

Number 4~

Increase fermented foods and drink bone broth/stock. Make sure you are also getting in lots of water.

Number 5~

Have Elderberry Syrup on hand and Essential oils. These two things are extra hidden gems that I CANNOT live without:)


These are the things i do to help keep my family healthy! Hopefully this helps you so you can do the same! xo